Which college is right for your child?

Our goal is to assist in searching for a college that best matches your child's goals and interests.

Our services include:

  • Exploring your child's interests, goals and talents
  • Reviewing academic and testing records
  • Assisting with curriculum and extracurricular decisions for your child's junior and final year in high school
  • Identifying colleges that best match your child's goals and interests
  • Managing the college application process
  • Assisting with essays and interviews
  • Providing guidance on tests including SAT/ACT
  • Reviewing financial aid and scholarship options
  • Planning campus visits
  • Assisting with final college choices including housing, orientation and registration

How can we help you?

As we get to know your goals and interests, we'll help you find the right college.

We'll answer all your questions and concerns.

  • Type of college (community, 4 year, public, private)
  • Type of campus (city, suburban, rural, or a mix)
  • Student/Faculty ratio
  • Average class size
  • How close/far to/from home?
  • Male/Female ratio
  • Admissions criteria
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Full-time to part-time ratio
  • Cultural and Social life
  • Curriculum choices
  • Can I choose my roommate(s)?
  • Residence Hall options (lifestyle, single sex, coed)
  • Sports

From early application to meeting deadlines to choosing from acceptance letters, we'll be there to ensure your success.