College Admission Services Provided by College Planning Services:

  • Direct the college application process
  • Assess your interests, goals and talents
  • Review academic and testing records
  • Create a list of colleges that best fit you
  • Guide course selection and extracurricular activities
  • SAT/ACT test preparation and scheduling
  • Create an application timeline
  • Assist with completion of applications
  • Critique application essays
  • Develop interviewing skills
  • Assist with resume development
  • Assist with scholarship search
  • Research financial aid
  • Plan campus visits

Starting Early

A solid education is THE foundation for the future and it’s never too early to begin preparing for college, especially with the ever-rising costs of higher education.

With government financing of higher education declining and tuition costs rising, it is essential to begin preparing for the cost of college long before your student is a senior in high school.

College Planning Services provides direction for choosing the best college to fit your student’s needs, while giving them a competitive edge in the admissions process. We will ascertain your educational goals, explore academic abilities, interests and perspectives to find the right college fit. With our extensive knowledge of schools, we can broaden your choices for the right higher education plan for your student.

While the primary emphasis of College Planning Services has always been to help families to choose the best colleges to fit an individual student’s needs, we also understand and appreciate the many variables  that can dictate a family’s financial status and means to pay for the costs of a college education. We strongly recommend that families enlist the assistance of licensed and certified financial specialists such as a family attorney, financial planner, CPA or the like to assist in the development of a sound financial plan for the expense of the student’s college education. You can expect College Planning Services to work in conjunction with such experts in the development of such a financial plan and to assist families in identifying and applying for available financial aid.

Don’t wait. Call College Planning Services now and get started on your future.

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